Dana Buoy

Dana Buoy's new album is out now.

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A polished and atmospheric examination of missed connections and altered states, where the thrum of 21st century psychedelia meets European dance floor chic, Dana Buoy’s Ice Glitter Gold, is equal parts lusty and lysergic. Helmed by songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dana Janssen (Akron/Family) with long-time collaborator Justin Miller, Dana Buoy deliver a sweaty, late-night pop record with an analogue 4-on-the-floor heartbeat throbbing at the center.

Janssen and Miller’s digital/analog interplay creates its own language of crisp electronics and guitars, writhing together

to create languid dance grooves that switch easily between moments of exuberant open heartedness & vulnerability, and woozy, hallucinatory introspection.

With eight songs, Dana Buoy leaves behind a neon lit, self-aware paper trail, following the heartbreak, disconnection and happiness of a modern man. Moogs, Dreadbox synths, chiming guitars and the taut groove carry a guarded, of the moment (but weirdly-not-cynical) series of elegantly conceived tales